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Before we take a look at the words themselves, let me quote Arthur Lawrie (arthur.lawrie*, who mentioned a generic way of making the rhyming words by using the Yiddish expression that provides an instant derisive rejoinder:

     XY - SCHMY   

as in "rules-schmules", "lawyer-schmawyer" or "Georgia-Schmorgia". Arthur is also the largest contributor of the Rhyming Words project and by now it is fair to say that he is the co-owner of the English pavilion.

Rhyming Words

AIRY-FAIRY (rh, delicate or lovely;not based on reality)
ARGY-BARGY (commotion, argument, tumult)
ARTSY-FARTSY (rh, pretentiously artistic; also ARTY-FARTY)
BAND.STAND (* a stage on which musical ensembles perform)
BARMY_ARMY (* fans who travel abroad to support the England cricket team)
BEDDIE-WEDDIE (ams - a bed)
BLACK.JACK (a gambling game)
BOOGIE-WOOGIE (a style of playing blues)
BRAIN_DRAIN (emigration of talented people)
CAKE-BAKE (a mixture for baking into a cake)
CHICK-FLICK (a movie suitable for women of all ages)
CHILLER-DILLER (ams - a movie or a book based on suspense and horror)
CHOP-SHOP (where thieves strip a car for salable parts)
CHOPPER.COPPER (a helicopter borne policeman)
CLAP.TRAP (pretentious nonsense (to gain applause cheaply))
COOK_BOOK (a book of recipes)
DEAD.HEAD (a vacuous person)
DIZZY-WIZZY (ams - any drug in pill form)
DREAM_TEAM ( a team of ideal composition)
DRINKY-WINKY (* surreptitious or bashful reference to alcoholic drink)
DUCKY-WUCKY (ams - fine, wonderful)
EASY-PEASY (easy, simple)
EEKSY-PEEKSY (a Scots expression meaning in equal portions, even Stevens)
FAVE_RAVE (slang for favorite record)
FENDER-BENDER (AmE a minor automobile accident)
FIDDLE-FADDLE (to fuss; to fiddle with trifles)
FIGHT_NIGHT (a televised evening boxing bout, or a series of bouts)
FLICK-CHICK (a hairstyle for women)
FLOWER_POWER (* the hippy philosophy of the 60s)
FOOTSIE-WOOTSIE (ams - intimate action, as in courting business favors)
FUDDLE-DUDDLE (rh, canad. - to depart, be off)
FUDDY-DUDDY (an old-fashioned, conservative person; also FUSTY-DUSTY)
FUZZY-WUZZY (a Sudanese warrior)
GANG-BANG (an rape by a number of assailants)
GENDER-BENDER (a person who dresses like a member of the opposite sex)
GRAND.STAND (a principal stand at a racetrack)
GRASS-ASS (a person who can expect to be interred)
HANDY-DANDY (quick to hand; make a guess; also HANDY-ANDY)
HANDSY-WANDSY (ams - hands)
HANKY-PANKY (trickery, fornication)
HAND.STAND (* a gymnastic manoeuvre)
HAPPY-CLAPPY (* derogatory description of populist evangelical ceremonial)
HAPPY-CHAPPY (* a fellow of fine fettle)
HARE-KARE (Japanese ritual suicide)
HARUM-SCARUM (reckless; wild)
HEEBIE-JEEBIES (rh - a condition of extreme nervousness)
HELL'S_BELLS (rh - exclamation of surprise)
HELTER-SKELTER (in hurry and confusion)
HERKIMER-JERKIMER (ams - a jerk)
HEUCHTER-TEUCHTER (a derogatory lowland Scots' expression for Highlanders)
HICKERY-PICKERY (a purgative drug made from aloes and canella bark)
HIGGLEDY-PIGGLEDY (in confusion)
HIPPER-DIPPER (ams - superb)
HIPPY-DIPPY (* having turned one's back on material society)
HOBSON-JOBSON (a word resulting from the corruption of an Oriental word)
HOCUS-POCUS (a pretended incantation)
HODDY-DODDY (ams - an insignificant person, a fool)
HODGE_PODGE (a stew of various ingredients, a mixture, also HOTCH-POTCH)
HOITY-TOITY (thoughtless; giddy; patronizing)
HOKEY-COKEY (a dance performed at parties for children and old folks)
HOKEY-POKEY (colloq. for hocus-pocus)
HOLDING_FOLDING (* adj. in possession of disposable cash)
HOLLY-GOLLY (ams - nonsense, boloney; also HULLY-GULLY)
HOOCHY-COOCHY (reference to acts of fornication, also HOOTCHY-KOOTCHY)
HOOFER-DOOFER (* mechanical or electrical device, esp. TV remote control)
HOTSY-POTSY (comfortably stable or secure)
HOUSE_MOUSE (selfexplanatory :-)
HUBBLE-BUBBLE (a kind of tobacco pipe; a kind of knot; also HUBBLY-BUBBLY)
HUDDER-MUDDER (ox) concealment, secresy
HUFF-DUFF (ox) a device for determining the direction of radio signals
HUGGER-MUGGER (to keep secret)
HUMPTY-DUMPTY (a round and fat person)
HUNKIE-DUNKIE (ams - fine, ok)
HURDY-GURDY (a string instrument)
HURLY-BURLY (a noisy activity)
HURRY-DURRY (windy and rainy (obsolete))
HURRY-SCURRY (a confused rush; turmoil; also HURRY-SKURRY)
HUSTLE-BUSTLE (* a commotion, melee)
JEEPERS_CREEPERS (ams - an excl. of mild astonishment)
JEEZY-PEEZY (ams - an expression of surprise or disgust)
JOBSIE-WOBSIE (ams - a job)
KICKSIE-WICKSIE (ams - a wife, a woman)
KILLER-DILLER (ams - an attractive person or thing)
LARDY-DARDY (rh, brit. - characterized by excessive elegance)
LOOSEY-GOOSEY (rh - relaxed)
LOVEY_DOVEY (rh - amorously affectionate)
MASTER_BLASTER (Am slang for a music presenter, broadcaster or producer)
MUMBO_JUMBO (gibberish)
NAMBY-PAMBY (weakly sentimental)
NASTY-WASTY (ams - wicked, mean)
NIGHT-LIGHT (dim light kept burning through the night)
NIMINY-PIMINY (too nice altogether)
NITTY-GRITTY (rh - details of a matter)
OOLY-DROOLY (ams - puppy love)
PALL-MALL (an old game; also a busy London street)
PALLY-WALLY (overtly showing friendship)
PALSY-WALSY (rh - intimate)
PELL-MELL (in mingled confusion;without distinction)
PHONUS_BOLONUS (something or someone phoney; also PHONEY_BALONEY)
PIGGY-WIGGY (childishly selfish)
PING-WING (ams - an injection of narcotics)
POINTY-JOINTY (the act of severing links with a companion, "an elbow")
POOLSIE-WOOLSIE (ams - a game of rotation pool)
POOPER-SCOOPER (* a device used for cleaning up after dogs)
POWER-SHOWER (a shower with a high volume flow)
PRIME_TIME (ideal time (usually in broadcasting))
RACKET-JACKET (ams - a jacket, zoot suit)
RAGGLE-TAGGLE (composed of diverse, often incongruous elements)
RANGLE-DANGLE (ams - festoon, a dangling ornament)
RAZZLE-DAZZLE (to loiter, a state of confusion)
REPPLE-DEPPLE (ams - a replacement depot for soldiers, also REP-DEP)
RINKY-DINKY (ams - a cheap merchandise, junk; also RINKY-DINK)
ROCK_JOCK (a big time rock climbing stud)
ROLY-POLY (pudding; short and pudgy)
ROOTIN'-TOOTIN' (ams - noisy, boisterous)
ROWDY-DOWDY (ams - noise, rowdiness)
RUMPY-PUMPY (fornication, also RUMPTY-TUMPTY)
RUSTY-DUSTY (ams - anything not active or recently used)
SACKY-DACKY (ams - a bed)
SHADY_LADY (a woman of dubious or unknown virtue)
SHAKEY_QUAKEY (a van that educate youngsters about earthquakes)
SHOCK_JOCK (* a radio broadcaster)
SILLY_BILLY (rh - a clownish person)
SLANG.WHANG (ams - nonsense)
SNAIL-MAIL (regular postal communication, as distinguished from e-mail)
SOOGIE-MOOGIE (ams - scrubbing paint work, also SUJEE-MUJEE)
SPACE_RACE (a rivalry between USA and USSR to explore space)
SUPER-DUPER (of the greatest excellence; also SOOPER-DOOPER)
TEENIE-WEENIE (very small; minute; also "TEENY-WEENY", "TEENSY-WEENSY")
THRILLER-DILLER (ams - suspense movie or book; also THRILLER-CHILLER)
TOOTSIE-WOOTSIE (ams - an attractive girl, also TOOTSY-WOOTSY)
TRANCE-DANCE (* musical style, a sub-genre of "rave")
TUTTI-FRUTTI (a confection consisting of different kinds of fruits)
UBBLE-GUBBLE (ams - a meaningless talk)
WALKIE-TALKIE (rh - a portable radio device)
WACKY-BACKY (marijuana, more frequently as WACKY-BACCY)
WHIMSY-WHAMSY (ams - a whim, capriciousness, also WHIM-WHAM)
WHOOPER-DOOPER (ams - a spree)
WILD-CHILD (Br slang - a teenage girl who indulges in adult activities)
WILLY-NILLY (having no regard for one's wishes)
WING-DING (a nervous seizure or fit induced by drugs, also WHING-DING)
YOCK-DOCK (ams - narcotics, also YOCKY-DOCK)
ZOOT-SOOT (a suit of extreme cut; also ZOOT SUIT)

Words with an altered vowel

BIBBLE-BABBLE (ams - a babble)
CHATTER-CHITTER (ams - idle talk)
CHIFF-CHAFF (a small grayish European warbler)
CHIT.CHAT (indulge in a small talk)
CRISS-CROSS (to pass back and forth through or over)
DILLY_DALLY (to waste time)
DING-DONG (ams - a bell; a heated argument)
DINGLE-DANGLE (ams - anything that dangles, the penis)
DRIP-DROP (slow change or influence; attrition)
DRIZZLE-DRAZZLE (ams - drizzle)
FLIM_FLAM (tricky, deceptive; to swindle)
FLIP-FLOP (a repeated sound of something loose - also FLIP-FLAP)
FRIZZLE-FRAZZLE (burnt, over-exposed to chem. elements, unkempt (of hair))
HIGGLE-HAGGLE (to chaffer)
JIBBER-JABBER (ams - to jabber)
JINGLE-JANGLE (ams - a money)
KNICK-KNACK (a petty trick)
MISH.MASH (jumble, also MISH-MOSH)
NICK-NACK (a small or trivial article, also KNICK-KNACK, or NIC-NAC)
PING-PONG (table tennis)
PITTER-PATTER (a rapid rhythmical succession of light sounds and beats)
RIFF-RAFF (mean, trashy; rubbish)
SCRITCH-SCRATCH (with repeated scratching in writing)
SHILLY-SHALLY (in an irresolute or hesitating manner; to waste time)
SING-SONG (singalong; having a melodic inflection)
SLIP-SLOP (messy, causing spillage; hurried, haphazard)
SPLISH-SPLASH (to fall with a repeated splashing sound)
TICK.TACK (a sound made by a clock; also TICK-TOCK or TIC-TAC)
TIPPETTY-TOPPETTY (tip-top, pristine, perfect)
TISH-TOSH (Scots equivalent of "stuff and nonsense")
TITTLE-TATTLE (gossip; to talk idly; also DIDDLE-DADDLE)
TITTER-TOTTER (seesaw; teeter; also TEETER-TOTTER)
WIBBLY-WOBBLY (unsteady, intoxicated)
WIGGLE-WAGGLE (ams - to sway, to gossip)
WISHY-WASHY (thin and pale)

Some Related Words (often slang)

AMBER-GAMBLER (BrE, a driver who moves off prematurely at traffic lights)
ANALYSIS.PARALYSIS (inaction resulting from undertaking excessive research)
BEAVER_FEVER (an animal disease)
BISCUIT_BASKET (goal net in ice-hockey)
BONA-PALONA (vernacular for good, wholesome)
BOOB-TUBE (a garment; television)
BROLLY_DOLLY (motorcycle racing groupie)
CHIP.SHOP (a shop selling fast food of fish and chips)
CHOC-A-BLOC (crammed full, loaded to capacity)
CLASSY_CHASSIS (vulgar term for a comely female body)
CULTURE_VULTURE (a devotee of cultural pursuits)
DEAD_HEAD (a fan of the Grateful Dead)
FIRTH.OF.FOURTH (n sea inlet and estuary of River Forth in Scotland)
FIRTH.OF.FIFTH (a song by Genesis)
FLIBBERTY.GIBBERT (a gossip; a flighty woman)
FORESHORE (a beach)
FOURSCORE (eighty)
FOUR-DOOR (having four doors - of cars)
FRAUD_SQUAD (a police charged with investigation defalcation)
GRUESOME.TWOSOME (a hideous, grisly or generally unpleasant duo)
HAIRY_CANARY (having an aggressive posture; puffed up)
HONKY-TONK (a type of upright piano; a hostelry equipped with such)
ITALIAN.STALLION (an Italian womanizer)
JIGGERY-POKERY (tomfoolery, pranks, mischievous fun)
JUNE_MOON (full moon on balmy nights of early summer, cf. harvest moon)
LAVA_JAVA (strong Javanese coffee)
LEGAL_EAGLE (a sharp lawyer with an aptitude for hair-splitting)
LUVVY-DOVEY (affection being displayed in an exaggerated manner)
NEVER-NEVER (something forbidden, UK colloq. a hire purchase)
NIFF-NOFF (male private member - colloq.)
PEELY-WALLY (a fine Scots expression meaning pale, sallow or pallid)
PRIZE_GUYS (prime males - those who have succeeded in competition)
RICH_BITCH (a woman of means, who is usually meddling and malicious)
ROLLED_GOLD (a type of gold plating or embellishment)
ROPE-A-DOPE (boxing term for mismatched contest)
ROOTY-TOOT (ams - old fashioned music, corny; also ROOT-TOOT-TOOT)
SHINY HINEY (the back doors of a trailer)
SOAP_ON_A_ROPE (a popular toiletry of the 1970s)
SPRUCE_GOOSE (H. Hughes' wooden flying boat; the world's largest aircraft)
STRANGER_DANGER (a threat to children from malicious strangers)
STUPID_CUPID (irrational or wilful fate operating in affairs of the heart)
SUPER-TROUPER (a type of spotlight)
SWAP.SHOP (a place of making exchanges in kind)
SWEET.MEAT (confectionery)
TART_WITH_A_HEART (woman of easy virtue who is nevertheless compassionate)
TONE.PHONE (a phone, each key of which generates a distinct audible tone)
TOPSY-TURVY (in a state of confusion)
TRUE.BLUE )conservative, Tory; patriotic)
USER-CHOOSER (an item that has been selected by the person who will use it)
WAIT.STATE (neutral or equilibrium state in electronic circuitry)
WEE.FREE (a small gratuity or gift, a "freebie")
WHIPPER.SNAPPER (a hubristic youth, an upstart)
WHITE KNIGHT (a rescuer; in corporate take-overs)
WOOLY_PULLY (a woolen pullover)

Short Words, i.e. 6-7 letters

BIG.WIG (an important person)
BOW-WOW (ams - a dog, a sausage, a gun)
COP.SHOP (a slang term for a police station)
CROP-TOP (a garment cut short so as to expose the midriff)
FAT_CAT (a wealthy person, a complacent and lethargic person)
HEY.DAY (a zenith, prime)
HIP-HOP (a musical style)
HOB-NOB (to socialize; also a kind of biscuit)
HOT-POT (a stew, esp. one made to traditional Lancashire recipe)
HOT.SHOT (a marksman; conspicuously proficient practitioner)
HUM.DRUM (mundane, routine, pedestrian)
ILL-WILL (malevolent predisposition; bad feeling)
JET_SET (those who regularly fly to international destination)
JIM-JAM (ams - to jam, to jazz up)
JIM.JAMS (jitters, also WIM-WAMS; BrE pyjamas)
KOW-TOW (to be too humble towards)
MAU-MAU (music or dance that is seen as base or uncivilised)
MAY.DAY (a distress call)
MOP-TOP (the head of a mop; a person with a luxuriant or unkempt hair)
NAY-SAY (to vote "no")
NIT-WIT (a dimwit)
NO-SHOW (absence; absentee; to fail to attend)
OLD_GOLD (a color or tint, esp. in paper production)
PALE.ALE (a type of weak beer)
PAY-DAY (a day on which one receives remuneration)
PEE.WEE (a person of short stature)
PEG-LEG (a wooden leg)
PIC.NIC (an outdoor meal)
POT-SHOT (a speculative shot; an attempt to get "one for the pot")
POW-WOW (a conference to discuss strategy)
RAG.MAG (annual student publication for raising money during "rag week")
RAG-TAG (riff-raff, raggle-taggle)
ROW-DOW (ams - an exaggerated syncopation in jazz)
RUM-DUM (ams - drunk, stupid from constant drinking)
SIN-BIN (a detention place in Rugby League)
STUN-GUN (a gun for delivering incapacitating electrical charge)
SWAG.BAG (a receptacle for loot)
TIP-TOP (excellent)
TIT-BIT (a morsel)
TOW-DOWS (trousers)
TOY-BOY (a gigolo)
WAY-LAY (to interrupt, ambush, divert or detain; to sidetrack or sideline)
WHAM-BAM (ams - quickly and roughly, a quick intercourse)
WIG.WAG (ams - a railway grade-crossing signal)
ZIG-ZAG (erratic motion, ams - a sexual intercourse, also YIG-YAG)

Proper names and brand names

ACE_OF_BASE (a pop group)
ANDY_PANDY (children's TV character)
BELLA.BELLA (a town in B.C., Canada)
BERYL THE PERIL (a female equivalent of Dennis the Menace)
BINARY_FINERY (current pop group)
BOTT'S DOTS (reflective pavement markers - named after Dr. Elbert Bott)
BUSY_LIZZY (a common garden plant, also BUSY LIZZIE)
CLEVER-TREVOR (a bright person)
CURLY_WURLY (confectionery)
DELHI-BELLY (a stomach upset, often caught in India)
DENNIS THE MENACE (a cartoon character, archetypal bad boy)
ELVIS.THE.PELVIS (nickname for Elvis Presley)
EVEN-STEVEN (ams - even, fair; evenly)
FIVE_ALIVE (a drink, being a mixture of five fruit juices)
FLEET-STREET (UK newspapers)
JOE_BLOW (ams - a mealtime, any man at all)
JOE_SCHMO (the common (US) person)
JUICY-LUCY (a sensuous and desirable girl)
KING-KONG (a really big ape)
LYNYRD SKYNYRD (1970s US rock band)
MILLI VANILLI (1980s US band)
PLAIN-JANE (girl of bland appearance)
QUIET RIOT (US rock band)
ROGER THE DODGER ((behaving like) a character from children's literature)
SCRITTI_POLITTI (1980s pop group)
SLIM-JIM (a man of slender build)
STEADY-EDDIE (a reliable, even-keeled person)
SWEATY BETTY (a card game)
TIN-TIN (Herge's cartoon character, fighting evil with Captain Haddock)
TINKY-WINKY (teletubby)
TOP SHOP (UK clothes retailer)
TRICKY DICKIE (a devious person)

English words with -and-

BEAR AND FORBEAR (to suffer sth. disadvantageous instead of taking action)
BYE AND BYE (in due course, attritively)
CLERKS AND JERKS (soldiers in other than front line units)
DRIBS AND DRABS (final sporadic instances, dregs)
FLOTSAM AND JETSAM (goods and fittings jettisoned from a ship)
HANDBAGS AND GLADRAGS (attire worn at social functions)
HIGH AND DRY (above the high water mark; stranded)
HIRE AND FIRE (to employ and dismiss without compunction)
HITHER AND THITHER (here and there)
HUFF AND PUFF (endeavor)
HIGHWAYS AND BYWAYS (all quarters, every part)
KITH AND KIN (immediate family and clan)
NAME AND SHAME (to publicise wrong-doing that is not strictly illegal)
ODDS AND SODS (BrE odds and ends)
PAY AND DISPLAY (a car park requiring purchasing and displaying a ticket)
ROUGH AND TOUGH (uncouth, physical)
SPICK AND SPAN (clean and tidy)
THRILLS AND SPILLS (dramatic incidents)
WEAR AND TEAR (normal depreciation)
WHIRL AND HURL (an older amusement ride; usually "whirl-'n'-hurl")
WINED AND DINED (fed and refreshed)
WORKERS AND SHIRKERS (a description of the disparate attitudes to work)

English words with -the-

BY THE BY (incidentally, by the way)
TALK THE TALK (to have the appearance or sound of authenticity)
WALK THE WALK (to be authentic)

1999 Jan Rehacek, Arthur Lawrie

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