Hradec Kralove

location: 100 km east of Prague
population: 100,000

White Tower is to Hradec what Eiffel Tower is to Paris.

This tower is located on the Big Square.

Big Square segues into much more private Little Square.

Ensconced between the Big and Little Squares is the Klicpera's Theater.

Underneath both squares there is Zizka's Park.

This park is named after the famous husite warrior.

If you walk down from the Big Square, you'll hit the Commerce Bank.

And if you keep walking, you'll come to the City Museum.

Museum lies on the bank of the river Labe (Elbe).

Masaryk Square is named after the first president of Czechoslovakia.

He has a statue here, and also in Washington, DC.

The Masaryk Square then narrows into a pedestrian zone.

Ulrich Square, often regarded as the main square.

High school where I spent 4 years learning many useful things.

A hydro power station behind the high school.

A view of the power station from the Labe embankment.

Tesco - the only supermarket inside the city.

The other side of Tesco with local banks.

A peculiar church on the way from Tesco to the railway station.

The railway station, an easy 2 hour ride to Prague from here.

The apartment house where I spent the first 18 years of my life.

Slightly less flattering view of the same house from the inside yard.