Czech sounding names of cities

Admittedly, this list contains some names whose "Czech sound" may be considered dubious by some. Nevertheless, in all ambiguous cases I applied the benefit of the doubt, in order not to lose too many potential candidates. The towns with (*) have an actual counterpart in the Czech Republic (that I know of). The towns with (-------------) have too many representations and are listed separately below the main list. For towns with (***********), I don't know the coordinates.

    Askov, MN      46.11N  92.46W
    Bechyn, MN     44.39N  95.04W
 *  Beroun, MN     45.54N  92.57W
    Bila Hora, TX  **************
    Breslau, NE    42.21N  97.41W
    Breslau, PA    41.14N  75.56W
    Breslau, TX    29.31N  96.59W
    Carlsbad, CA   33.09N 117.20W
    Carlsbad, NM   32.25N 104.14W
    Carlsbad, TX   31.36N 100.38W
    Chaska, MN     44.47N  93.36W
    Chaska, TN     36.31N  84.04W
    Cyril, AL      32.10N  88.25W
    Cyril, OK      34.53N  98.12W
    Dubina, TX     29.43N  96.49W
 *  Frenstat, TX   30.23N  96.39W
 *  Frydek, TX     29.45N  96.05W
    Fulda          --------------
    Hornick, IA    42.13N  96.05W
    Hostyn, TX     29.50N  96.55W
    Komensky, MN   44.54N  94.16W
    Komensky, TX   29.34N  97.02W
    Kovar, TX      29.54N  97.12W
    Lakota         --------------
    Masaryktown,FL 28.26N  82.27W
    Moravia        --------------
    Neshanic, NJ   40.29N  74.43W
    New Hradec, ND 47.00N 102.53W
    New Prague, MN 44.32N  93.34W
    Nova Osada, TX **************
    Novice, TX     33.47N  95.23W
    Novohrad, TX   29.36N  97.02W
    Palava, TX     32.34N 100.20W
    Pilsen, KS     38.28N  97.02W
    Pilsen, WI     44.26N  87.43W
 *  Pisek, TX      29.55N  96.34W
 *  Pisek, ND      48.18N  97.42W
    Plaska, TX     34.36N 100.38W
    Prague, AR     34.17N  92.16W
    Prague, NE     41.18N  96.48W
    Prague, OK     35.29N  96.41W
 *  Praha, TX      29.40N  97.04W
    Protivin, IA   43.12N  92.05W
    Rosanky, TX    29.55N  97.17W
 *  Roznov, TX     29.59N  96.42W
    Salina         --------------
    Sitka          --------------
 *  Tabor          --------------
    Tolna, ND      47.49N  98.26W
    Tolna, PA      39.45N  76.39W
    Touhy, NE      41.07N  96.49W
 *  Trosky, MN     43.53N  96.15W
    Velehrad, TX   **************
    Veseli, MN     44.30N  93.27W
    Volant, PA     41.06N  80.15W
    Volin, SD      42.57N  97.11W
    Vsetin, TX     **************
Besides these, there are many "human-name" names that sound Czech, at least with a bit of imagination, such as Dagmar, Emma, Leopold, Olga, Olin, Vera,...
Their coordinates can be found at Geo Names server .

Names with 4 or more representations

    Fulda, IN      38.06N  86.50W
    Fulda, MN      43.52N  95.36W
    Fulda, OH      39.43N  81.24W
    Fulda, TX      33.41N  99.01W
    Lakota, IA     43.22N  94.05W
    Lakota, ND     48.02N  98.20W
    Lakota, UT     41.59N 111.24W
    Lakota, VA     38.34N  77.52W
    Lakota, WA     47.19N 122.22W
    Moravia, ID    48.38N 116.22W
    Moravia, IA    40.53N  92.48W
    Moravia, NY    42.42N  76.25W
    Moravia, OK    35.07N  99.30W
    Moravia, PA    40.55N  80.22W
    Moravia, TX    29.35N  96.59W
    Salina, AZ     36.01N 109.52W
    Salina, CO     40.03N 105.22W
    Salina, IA     41.02N  91.49W
    Salina, KS     38.50N  97.36W
    Salina, NJ     39.46N  75.07W
    Salina, OK     36.17N  95.09W
    Salina, PA     40.31N  79.29W
    Salina, UT     38.57N 111.51W
    Sitka, AK      57.03N 135.19W
    Sitka, AR      36.11N  91.25W
    Sitka, IN      40.49N  86.44W
    Sitka, KS      37.10N  99.39W
    Sitka, KY      37.52N  82.50W
    Sitka, MI      43.22N  86.01W
    Sitka, OH      39.26N  81.20W
    Sitka, PA      39.59N  79.36N
    Sitka, SD      45.31N 100.11N
    Sitka, TN      35.51N  88.45N
    Tabor, AL      34.09N  85.55W
    Tabor, CO      40.03N 105.04W
    Tabor, IL      40.10N  89.08W
    Tabor, IA      40.53N  95.40W
    Tabor, KS      39.51N  97.31W
    Tabor, MN      48.04N  96.51W
    Tabor, NJ      40.52N  74.28W
    Tabor, OH      40.33N  81.09W
    Tabor, OK      35.48N  96.15W
    Tabor, PA      40.02N  75.08W    
    Tabor, SD      42.56N  97.39W
    Tabor, TX      30.47N  96.22W   
    Tabor, WI      42.48N  87.50W

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